Top Rated BTS Fics from 2015-2018

Please read this thread for a detailed understanding of the definition of ‘Top Rated’. These fics have scored over 27% as calculated by the ratio of Bookmarks/Kudos on ArchiveOfOurOwn. As stated in the thread, this ratio accurately identifies the likelihood you are to like a fic, and can be simplified to: The number of readers who LOVE a fic / The number of people who LIKE a fic.

This list is for fun, and is not passing judgement on any writers or fics: It is just a mathematical calculation of which fics you’re most likely to enjoy.

27% was chosen because:

  1. It is a high rating, which logically means that you will almost definitely like the fic that is rec’d. If you want to read fics with a lower rating, you can download the browser extension here
  2. This was super time consuming as it was. While a 1 or 2 percent difference doesn’t make a difference in the ‘quality’ of a fic, it did mean the difference between me copy-pasting 10 or 20 more fics. I have a limit.

Filters used (once again, to make sure these fic recs appeal to most people, and to cut down on the amount of work I had to do. Not discriminating against fics at all.):

  • Only M/M
  • No Canon Compliant or Established Relationship
  • Over 10,000 words
  • No Major Character Death, Rape, Underage. Graphic Depictions of Violence was not excluded as it can be interpreted differently by authors.
  • Tried to avoid PWP
  • No A/B/O, incest, selfcest, polyamory or threesomes (too hard to categorise).

Please read the thread for a longer explanation of things to take into consideration with regards to the rating system, notedly that PWP/ABO is more likely to have a lower rating, and super rare pairings are likely to have slightly higher ratings.

Within the year pages, pairings are sorted by number of yearly fics. Fics are sorted by year (for pairings with more than 15 fics in the year) or random.

I would encourage you to read outside of pairings you usually read, as while making this list I discovered a lot of really amazing fics with pairings I would never usually read!

Best BTS fics of 2015

Best BTS fics of 2016

Best BTS fics of 2017

Best BTS fics of 2018