BTS Content Index twitter account suspension

Hi guys,

Very sad to say that our twitter account has been suspended for the second time – unless Naver decides to retract (wrongfully given) DMCA notices, it is likely that our twitter account will not be re-instated. Super sad rn.

But life goes on! In the event that our account isn’t reinstated, we will be more active on our website, as well as our tumblr! I will also look into partnering with some big twitter accounts to help keep the word out about the index. Don’t worry! The google docs will still be updated! We are also still going to continue working on this website~

If you want to keep up to date on BTS videos without notifications on for our twitter account, here are some options!

  1. Subscribe to our RSS! This will be set up shortly, once I have finished mourning my hard work over the past year…
  2. Download tumblr for mobile, and subscribe to our blog! Simply open our blog up in the app, click on the options button and ‘Follow’ it for phone notifications!

I’m super sorry about this and incredibly sad, we did everything we could to avoid more DMCA complaints. Naver submits them without any regard for fair use or even legitimacy – their statements are all under ‘paid content’, which we never posted. By the law, our tweets should have all been fine, but Twitter isn’t very supportive in these situations.

Thank you for supporting the BTS Content Index!

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