Best BTS fics of 2018

Please read this thread for a detailed understanding of the definition of ‘Top Rated’. These fics have scored over 27% as calculated by the ratio of Bookmarks/Kudos on ArchiveOfOurOwn. As stated in the thread, this ratio accurately identifies the likelihood you are to like a fic, and can be simplified to: The number of readers who LOVE a fic / The number of people who LIKE a fic.

This list is for fun, and is not passing judgement on any writers or fics: It is just a mathematical calculation of which fics you’re most likely to enjoy.

27% was chosen because:

  1. It is a high rating, which logically means that you will almost definitely like the fic that is rec’d. If you want to read fics with a lower rating, you can download the browser extension here
  2. This was super time consuming as it was. While a 1 or 2 percent difference doesn’t make a difference in the ‘quality’ of a fic, it did mean the difference between me copy-pasting 10 or 20 more fics. I have a limit.

Filters used (once again, to make sure these fic recs appeal to most people, and to cut down on the amount of work I had to do. Not discriminating against fics at all.):

  • Only M/M
  • No Canon Compliant or Established Relationship
  • Over 10,000 words
  • No Major Character Death, Rape, Underage. Graphic Depictions of Violence was not excluded as it can be interpreted differently by authors.
  • Tried to avoid PWP
  • No A/B/O, incest, selfcest, polyamory or threesomes (too hard to categorise).

Please read the thread for a longer explanation of things to take into consideration with regards to the rating system, notedly that PWP/ABO is more likely to have a lower rating, and super rare pairings are likely to have slightly higher ratings.

Within the year pages, pairings are sorted by number of yearly fics. Fics are sorted by year (for pairings with more than 15 fics in the year) or random.

I would encourage you to read outside of pairings you usually read, as while making this list I discovered a lot of really amazing fics with pairings I would never usually read!

Best BTS fics of 2015

Best BTS fics of 2016

Best BTS fics of 2017

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Seokjin | Jin
The Truth Inside the Lie by AttilaTheHun

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Taehyung | V
the long and winding road by moonsuns

Kim Seokjin | Jin/Kim Taehyung | V
Don’t Forget by taejindreams

Kim Namjoon | RM/Kim Taehyung | V
lilies bloomed under your carpet by VishCount
Quicken like a Spark in the Night by roebling

Kim Seokjin | Jin/Park Jimin
sweet hot jackpot (winning the office pool) by stickyrum
we were written in the stars by stickyrum

Kim Namjoon | RM/Min Yoongi | Suga
No Reservations by tusaisbts
strangers on a train by sequoiasem
what rhymes with pug me by sequoiasem

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Park Jimin
Inside My Blue Dream by merryofsoul
Piece of Peace by aprofessorstale
out of the blue and into my world, you could be the making of me by jellyfishes
Ages, Ageless by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)

Jeon Jungkook/Jung Hoseok | J-Hope
i wanna be yours by momentsinlove
Come Over Here (And Overwhelm Me) by snowfallen
spring and, by summer, fall by orphan_account
on the edge by mysoulrunswithwolves

Jeon Jungkook/Kim Seokjin | Jin
double chocolate chip by goldenhearts
Pheonix Wings and Cute Little Things by jigglypuffkook
inside a sinking feeling by CaptainButts
How to Win a Guy in 7 Days by PrettyBoyKiller
Fake Sugar by minverse

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Namjoon | RM
tadhana by pardon
Boy Meets Evil by leici, pianoforeplay (rhythmsextion)
the clearing by fitzgarbage for shinkiies
softer than steel by sugaretreat
blue night by jesspava

Kim Namjoon | RM/Park Jimin
things we turn away from by themarmalade
Only In A God Who Can Dance by hope_and_hardship
How To Fall In Love In Eleven Hours by jooniepop
but i want it anyway by ameliabedelias
Amor Fati by Mother of Pearl (Jinjuui_eomeoni)
it’s hard to keep the colors inside the lines by czar (cmajorchords)
Up in the Air by roebling

Kim Seokjin | Jin/Min Yoongi | Suga
you say witch like it’s a bad thing by Curionenene
Precisely When Somebody Shows You to the Ocean by sinkingmyships
What I Really, Really Want (Some Chemistry) by SaltyAuntSuga, uchyu
Time After Time by august_d
a naked singularity by tullycat
beating heart, flowing blood by 55cancrie
the growth cycle of a narcissus by moonbabie
cat cradle by kaythebest

Jeon Jungkook/Kim Namjoon | RM
Purple by theonewhofights
Travelogue with a Frat Boy by GinForInk
strawberries & cigarettes by ephemerite
Sweet Like Silicon by GinForInk
Papilio machaon by merryofsoul
golden hour by whomstisthis
DisgruntledOfficeBrat [active] by RNA
Lesson One by kinqtan
i bloom (just for you) by chlexcer
though i try to resist (i still want it all) by asterismos

Kim Taehyung | V/Min Yoongi | Suga
A Breeze Blows, and My Heart Swells by roebling
A Dog and His Boys by roebling
Siren of the Interstate by fringecity (indiachick)
harvest moon, recall your youth by blackranger (robpatFF)
The Romance of Old Clothes by fringecity (indiachick)
Liebespaar by 777335
The Moonchild and His Stardust by VanteKal
Out to Lunch by roebling
hit or miss by carryontae
Take My Whole Life (Too) by bowandarrow

Kim Namjoon | RM/Kim Seokjin | Jin
down the dark side of the moon by glock
A house made of cards, and us inside by ghostjoon
Saturdays Are for the Boys by Mntsnflrs
Witches and Banana Trees by Kookie_andCream
Unbelievable by mllevangogh
Kim Seokjin is F***king Who Now? by Gebiurl (fookin_tossah)
we are stars by caleyedoscope
just hold on, we’re going home by cosigned
Call It Instant Justice by Runchrandom (infraredphaeton)
The World is Yours to Feast On by metastacia
Plants Will Still Grow by metastacia
here, and all places in between by namjintellect (starlitsequins)
I just wanna stay right next to you by panpipe

Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin

you are my bravest everything by 777335
A Screenshot of Youth by endearings
without you by taekemeaway (wanderingwanderlustwriter)
Suburban Dance by kinqtan
mudlands & yellow acacia by nonheather
less it shall unbe by vastlyunknown
don’t read the last page, but i stay by jellyfishes
Who Without You by kuyona
you’re only brave in the moonlight by ameliabedelias
Gravity//Oxygen by AlixSkyeDawg
true love’s kiss by cutaepatootae (elysian)
flower power by hocs
Drench My Heart by merryofsoul
so call it magic by tendershipping (orphan_account)
by the lips of a god by jjks
til the fever broke by vxmins
In this place, it’s only You and Me. by apocryphalic
your love is the strongest thing i know (i reckon it’s been doing weights) by verses
you get me hot (i’m overheating) by lioslaith
who you gonna call? (kim taehyung!) by namakemono
playing with fire by wolfsbanez

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Min Yoongi | Suga

Can You Teach Me How To Feel Real by superrunnaturall
Red Light Special by hoseoky
August by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)
don’t let me hit the ground by avtor
boy, you got my heartbeat runnin’ away by 777335
Angels All Over (That Watch Over You) by inkingbrushes
nunsongi by peachesyoongi (ultyunki)
Boots and Blood to End it All by MarionetteFtHJM
Past the end of this cold winter, Until the spring comes again (I miss you) by aquamarine_gold
Translator’s Confession, 3 a.m. by cuttothequickk
Give Me a Sign by jenmarii
kiss me hard before you go by 777335
lead me towards the deep end by sugarlizard
halcyon by inkingbrushes
take me away, sunray by sobistars
Paint My Spirit Gold by inkingbrushes
I bloom just for you by taeggukswitch (rooxynroll)
When It All Comes Down by JezebelSpeaks
suddenly, to my surprise by merryofsoul (Restricted)
tuesday, wednesday, ♡ attack by Batman
If You’re Making God a Liar by min_roiben
those ocean eyes by inkingbrushes

Min Yoongi | Suga/Park Jimin

The Midnight Bus – sunnymins
Red’s Big Bad Wolf – TheOrgasmicSeke
Sink Your Teeth Into My Flesh – TheOrgasmicSeke
I’m Your Umbrella and the Rain by GalsaegPiano
The Great Escape by TheOrgasmicSeke
Parachute by happyhoseok
maybe i hate you can be our always by ameliabedelias
Further From the Sky by roebling
forget me not by yururin
Invisible (But Not To You) by INeverHadMyInternetPhase
but i’d be yours, if you’d be mine by annarosewrites (annaroserae)
Smooth Strip by HereIGoAgain
red string of fate by embyr
This Torn up road (leads to you). by diminies
Oh Come, Favonian Winds by study_latte
The Beauty in Broken Things by Munchykin123
Coco by sugamins
cute, baby by HereIGoAgain
I knew you were trouble, but I am too. by ShoshinLaurels
(Don’t) Forget About Me by apolloyoongi
I Loved and I Loved and I Lost You by Julietlovee
we should just kiss, like real people do by annarosewrites (annaroserae)
media naranja by taecheeks
If Ever It Were Beautiful by wickedproper
Credo Quia Absurdum Est (I believe it because it is absurd) by PrettyBoyKiller
not just a weapon by ineedmygirl
Atoms and Empty Space by AttilaTheHun
Mark of Cain by spookysuga (sugamins)
don’t you see me, falling for you by annarosewrites (annaroserae)
black cat won’t you cross my path by monbon
he’s what you want (i’m what you need) by jonghyunslisterine

Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung | V

we made these memories for ourselves – thestarsabove
Little Bit Hotter – Taebie
Read All About It by jvante
gloaming by aetoms
Wolfsbane by YeonAh
aeipathy by aeterisks
Virgo’s Lover by constellationsofyoongi
Running on Fumes (But We’ll Make It Through the Night) by littleheichou
Caught In The Act by meganni
Spring Love Blooms by gukkiepie
Hold you in my arms by taeggukswitch (rooxynroll)
make it to me by thestarsabove
you’re the train (i’m tied to the track) by pixelmins
the impossibility of hands by drawingspaces
Fooled Around (And Fell in Love) by jvante
Sea Salt Remedy by againstthewind
lost to the city by aeterisks
I Can Be Your Hero, Baby by littleheichou
Bed For Two by 94z
you feel like home by coffeetxe
Cartographic Generalization by RNA
Énouement by merelypretty
Outlines by meganni
(if there’s something better baby) well they haven’t found it yet by Batman
got a kiss (with your name on it) by marienadine
Twelve Tracks by hyejinssi
Soft Sweaters by xKookiesandCreamx
Syndrome by nokii
Love in a Lightning Storm by daisykookz
use your hands (to hold me by the heart) by taetastic
the world never stops turning by shadowsinsounds
tell me how I can’t resist this love by hunnydews (hunnydew)
we’d be good, we’d be great by marienadine
everything is sound by sharpa
The Wild Adventures of Pinkish Tough Bunny Cooky and Super Curious Tata by cuttothequickk
Handful of Gold by Taecakes
Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice by GinForInk
grievances to air by conclusions (introductions)
The Truth Will Set You Free by imajin-the-possibilities (loveandbeloved)
fellas is it gay to want ur hot roommate to dick u down? by hunnydews (hunnydew)
down to the needle by aeterisks
is it cool that i said all that? by falcine

Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin

Times Six by psychojimin
Come Back When You Can by haromame
the sign says don’t tap the glass by lilcrickee
Habits of My Heart by Charmander
New Rules by jikooties
no masters or kings by petrichorian
around the air by flitter
there for you by astraljimin
Inked, Loved, Delivered by DeadpanSnarker
Little Dark Age by vestals
Pandemonium by Charmander
miri’s delivery service by springlights
in spades by Charmander
Apple of My Eye by jeonify
This is Major Tom to Ground Control (i showed u my dick pls respond) by hobimo
obliviscere by xxashpuppixx
hell, high water by mnsg
i found the truth, the stars of you by cygnus (sunsprite)
Dancing with Dragons by usaginoona
smitten, mitten, my little kitten by MauveTarte
flightless by Charmander
this is where i see you, on a bed of roses (when i wanna kiss your silhouette)
a pioneer of the universe by cygnus (sunsprite)
baby, love me hard and hold me tight by MyHope (CutesyMe)
Your Song by baby_busan
I Spi-Der Love of My Life by jeonify
Most Valuable Player (of my heart) by XXD_LoveKpop
Come, As You Are (As I Want You To Be) by jeonify
I’ve Got A Renegade Heart (And It’s Screaming His Name) by orphan_account
The Lesser Evil by Rose_gold715
Galaxy Inside You by jiminanna
You Make My Heart Do Triple Toe Loops by niveuos
Downpour by kikistiel (Kikai)
love stall by yuuami
paw prints by mintea
How Do You Say ‘Fuck Me’ In Swedish? by jiminanna
Take Two: Let Me Love You Still by DeadpanSnarker
you and me in a love letter by hammersandstrings
gladly beyond by springlights
I’ll Never Let You Go [rewritten] by jiminniexmochi
bloom by meatykook
with a taste of your lips (I’m on a ride) by ascendare
Always by wiinter
the firefly effect by czar (cmajorchords)
Moonlight by busted_aesthetic
take it off now boy, just take it off by mcsyndrome
The Apple of My Eye by moonlitjungoo

Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

heart bind by xiajin
twenty-four by fruitily
and winter, and winter, and winter by shaekspeares
I Wanna Love You Inside Out by merryofsoul
400N by zemi
rewrite the stars by notyoongs
Love the Moon by monoxxide
Cuffed by chahans
bad boy by xiajin
sonatina by orphan_account
trophy by uoongs
if you love me won’t you say something by 777335
shake bend and break by ameliabedelias
And Then It Swallowed Me by nonikkou
before i go by notyoongs
devil don’t you fool me by friendly9host
europa by undercoverjikooks
Blessed Be, Remember Me by internetpistol
party tattoos by endearings
Wicked Love by TheOrgasmicSeke
very much like the moon by kookwells
high on (you and me) by ial
with a bang (stunted plants can bloom) by fruitily
strawberries and tidal waves by orphan_account
the weekly reports on jeon jungkook’s tragic love life by sugarcane
Can I get a kiss? (Can you make it last forever?) by airplanewishes
mine by notyoongs
The Assistant by icedpeanutbutterlatte (orphan_account)
and all these demons i’m letting go (cause i can see what is beautiful) by booksinaballroom
I Can’t Stop Love Love Love by hope_and_hardship
Glass Dreams by endearings
Redolent by wickedqriosity
let the light in by sharpa
rhapsody in raindrops by mintea
these hallowed halls by softlyblue
what a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you by featherlightice
algae bloom by cherryjjk
When the Signal Breaks by fluffyjimins
(hot) stack-destroyer by Estelle4Ever
part of your world by notyoongs
all the breaths you breathe are already in paradise by pomegranitemilk
warm, unalone by oneirois
wings by notyoongs
please don’t say you love me (because i might not say it back) by notyoongs
My Constant Temptation by Sugakookie_luv
Of Coffee & Camboys by starrysuga
Yellow Hearts by namoo
i used to be shy. you made me sing by lilac_one
We Who Hide From the Sun by mindheist
ground control by notyoongs
you were never really here by notyoongs
Polly Pocket Knife by SiriusOITNB (loudanaconda)
Delivered by RNA
to make a home out of your hands by sugarcane
slowly drifting to you by sharpa
love like war (we go together or we don’t go down at all) by notyoongs
/pɹeɪ/ by ial
like real people do by 777335
p.s. i love you by notyoongs
doggy style by ameliabedelias
come back home by notyoongs
playing god by notyoongs
close to you by 777335
mouthful of forevers by notyoongs
you know that I can’t by nitilia
eyes of the night by oneirois