Best BTS fics of 2017

Please read this thread for a detailed understanding of the definition of ‘Top Rated’. These fics have scored over 27% as calculated by the ratio of Bookmarks/Kudos on ArchiveOfOurOwn. As stated in the thread, this ratio accurately identifies the likelihood you are to like a fic, and can be simplified to: The number of readers who LOVE a fic / The number of people who LIKE a fic.

This list is for fun, and is not passing judgement on any writers or fics: It is just a mathematical calculation of which fics you’re most likely to enjoy.

27% was chosen because:

  1. It is a high rating, which logically means that you will almost definitely like the fic that is rec’d. If you want to read fics with a lower rating, you can download the browser extension here
  2. This was super time consuming as it was. While a 1 or 2 percent difference doesn’t make a difference in the ‘quality’ of a fic, it did mean the difference between me copy-pasting 10 or 20 more fics. I have a limit.

Filters used (once again, to make sure these fic recs appeal to most people, and to cut down on the amount of work I had to do. Not discriminating against fics at all.):

  • Only M/M
  • No Canon Compliant or Established Relationship
  • Over 10,000 words
  • No Major Character Death, Rape, Underage. Graphic Depictions of Violence was not excluded as it can be interpreted differently by authors.
  • Tried to avoid PWP
  • No A/B/O, incest, selfcest, polyamory or threesomes (too hard to categorise).

Please read the thread for a longer explanation of things to take into consideration with regards to the rating system, notedly that PWP/ABO is more likely to have a lower rating, and super rare pairings are likely to have slightly higher ratings.

Within the year pages, pairings are sorted by number of yearly fics. Fics are sorted by year (for pairings with more than 15 fics in the year) or random.

I would encourage you to read outside of pairings you usually read, as while making this list I discovered a lot of really amazing fics with pairings I would never usually read!

Best BTS fics of 2015

Best BTS fics of 2016

Best BTS fics of 2018

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Seokjin | Jin
In the quiet like this by ppphonology

Kim Seokjin | Jin/Park Jimin
the pearl in the pond by stickyrum

Kim Seokjin | Jin/Kim Taehyung | V
And, Scene! by Anathemea
when will you realize, vienna waits for you by airublu
if you’re with me, i’m okay by orphan_account

Kim Namjoon | RM/Min Yoongi | Suga
Starving (& Other Artistic Mediums) by TAHC (orphan_account)
The Rest Comes After by naxariis
Of (Accidental) Felons and Harlequins by CheekyBrunette, CynoDemure

Kim Namjoon | RM/Kim Taehyung | V
Red Sky in Morning by GinForInk
we’re falling in love, we’re spiralling by blurryfaced
phone lights up my nightstand in the black by jellyfishes

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Namjoon | RM
i only have eyes for you by ienveeus
is that a lob, because i’m about to smash you by jonghyun
the fear has gripped me, but here i go by afterthedisco

Kim Namjoon | RM/Park Jimin
Save The Last Dance For Me by wendywrites
Jealous of the Stars by TrappingLightningBugs
Burns Blue by themarmalade
you were more than just light (you were more to me than all of it) by linzeigh

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Kim Taehyung | V
아침은 다시 올 거야 by fitzgarbage
killer whales by pardon
skool luv affair by allwyf
if it means a lot to you by undercoverjikooks

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Park Jimin
till the dogs get tired by pettey for sunluna
magic in the holocene by bazooka
it is a question of birds and of departures into neverland by fereldanturnip
all of my wonder by joonphases
Night of the Eyes by TrappingLightningBugs

Jeon Jungkook/Jung Hoseok | J-Hope
11 Things To Do Before You Die by SevenSoulmates
F is for Figure It Out, Kiddo by exfatamorgana
a hold on me by CaptainButts
beautiful, dangerous youth by strangedesires
Blanket Kick by nunu_noodles

Jeon Jungkook/Kim Namjoon | RM
Quiet Nights by themarmalade
come take it (if you want a piece of me) by babyblue (wormkun)
chamber of reflection by CaptainButts
The Red Bullet by crowtit91
evidence of fate by kdbf
The Boy Who Doesn’t Exist by ghosthead
Kepler and Gliese by GinForInk

Kim Namjoon | RM/Kim Seokjin | Jin
Dimples by jvngkook
Summer Sourdough by littleheichou
Put All the Ingredients on the Table by chlexcer
charmed by kaythebest
paint pictures with your hands by tellalie
a sugar coated pill and a pick me up by whomstisthis
the strongest stars have hearts of cypher by linkpoisoned
This time I’m ready to run by likereallylikeit

Kim Seokjin | Jin/Min Yoongi | Suga
Heists and Hearts by whenflowersbloom
buzzed. by roommate
Shots Fired by eclairdeluxe
I Sought A Muse (But The Words Just Wouldn’t Come) by sinkingmyships
Belong Among the Wildflowers (Belong Somewhere Close to Me)
Eat Your Heart Out by CynoDemure
Best Served Cold by roachprince
serendipity (we bloom more as it aches) by yeowangautumn
He’ll Come Back for the Honey and You by sinkingmyships

Jeon Jungkook/Kim Seokjin | Jin
humming by CaptainButts
the clock strikes twelve by Kaleidotears
Code Black by dissintegrate
take my head by CaptainButts
As Soon As Possible by forheart
tell the world by vastlyunknown
terms and conditions may apply by vppa
So Gold (We’ll Be Alright) by onceandforall
gargoyle song by nonheather
Ninety-nine by Colorthesky
No Vacancy by Kaleidotears
i am short of breath (standing next to you) by undercoverjikooks
meddling kids by liberateme

Kim Taehyung | V/Min Yoongi | Suga

White Chalk by g_odalisque13
Could You by coley_merrin
Tie Me Down by ohdizzy
Tit for Tat by eclairdeluxe
Finding Home by Bandit4Life
Kitten Licks and Caramel Macchiatos by toxicmew
figure 8 by 21stcenturygrill
Symmetry of Your Grin by desert_windmill
Train To Busan by TheOrgasmicSeke
Code Green by dissintegrate
날아가 by joonphases
lust for life (keeps us alive) by sugarkookx
summertime sonnets by vitane (orphan_account)
Violets are Red by dissintegrate
play your love songs all night long (only for me) by agust__d
see on both sides like chanel by agust__d
I put a spell on you (and now you’re mine) by cosmicoffee
Waypoint by coley_merrin
All These Sleepless Nights by mucha
these words turn to gold by ziontea for ulttaehyungs (kihyuks)
fxxk it by smolwoozi (littlenoona)
All Over Again by eightninetwo

Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

the castle on the hill by bellamees
watercolor by TheHalesNyx
take me out (we’re going down) by kaythebest
Call and Answer by darling
since when do we say yes to love? by faithinstrangers (twicelucky)
describe your ideal type here by fruitily
meridian by baekhyun (baruna)
beachin’ weekend by ppang
broadcast the boom (in my chest), so they hear it by jellyfishes
when breaking rules (go hard or go home) by fruitily
the space in between by toomanysleeplessnights
don’t play no game that I can’t win by misspamela
about soulmates and inevitable doom by fruitily
dark cartography by diamondust
one sheep, two sheep by gbyesummer (shouldshy)
slow song by darling
lovesick by xiajin
always by darling
all this longing (that’s what the water gave us) by bellamees
witchcraft by shininghope
describe a morning you woke without fear by 777335
my youth is yours by marienadine
time will be frozen for us by 777335
love me lights out by marienadine

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Min Yoongi | Suga

cactus boy by cowntdown
dizzy on the comedown by CaptainButts
Hivemind by popliar (littlerhymes)
Jung Hoseok vs. Min Yoongi (According to Jung Hoseok) by sparklinglemonzest
Separate Ends of the Same Ocean by colourhopeyellow
Another Time by jawsbar (GryfoTheGreat)
Been Tryin’ Hard Not To Get Into Trouble But I Got War On My Mind by orphan_account
i do talk, but only for you by mysoulrunswithwolves
24 hours by trulyfine (ssstrychnine)
someone’s hand opens; i hold it, it begins to rain by junkseller
you can hear it in the silence by mysoulrunswithwolves
The Boys of Erinn by hoseoky
Take Me To The Edge (Then You Hit The Brakes) by Nasobem
birdsongs (these coal hearts) by jesspava
tiptoe through our shiny city by inkingbrushes
same damn hunger by marienadine
Love Defined by hoseoky
These Violent Delights by orphan_account
somethin’ fishy by softlyblue
Won’t stop running (’til we reach the sun) by inkingbrushes
Undressed by superrunnaturall
Ripped At Every Edge, But We’re A Masterpiece by superrunnaturall
Backstage (We Shine Brighter) by superrunnaturall
Attention Deficit & Heartbreak Disorder by anonymousloris
because you are very (deer) to me by softlyblue
Brief Encounters by malamyszk
beautiful people (with beautiful problems) by inkingbrushes
lit(var) by undercoverjikooks

Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin

Ocean Claimed by jeong4vr
morning, noon, and night by kaythebest
The Incident (and all that came after) by taetae_s
summer, winter, spring (i’m falling for you) by kaythebest
we promised the world we’d tame it by nonheather
re della moda by stoplight
Deeper in Love by jjangmei
jetsam by rinsed
just to get a taste by vastlyunknown
the graves we dig by tendershipping
Separation Anxiety by sunshineline
so we can all reborn by causeitsred
No mountain too high by skylightgalaxy
I’ll Lead (and you have no choice) by Boxysmiles
hooters on peachtree by jjks
Paint by minverse
i just adore you asking for more by tendershipping
under open skies by makemebegin
I’m drinking something lethal (must be you) by synecius
he lived under grass by gaslight (ghoulgy)
I have the sweetest of sights, you’ve got to know it by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)
golden haze by CaptainButts
The Usual by CheekyBrunette
tell me about forever by softjimin (baeksthighs)
everything you make, you make well by jellyfishes
i have stories. i have scars. by euphoriae
We Are the Kids That You Never Can Kill by onceandforall
sanguine fireflies by ziontea
starlit cemetery by jjks
ring the changes by kaythebest
When You Called Me by KittenSmitten
our selves in the sea by jjks (Restricted)
tangerine season by sugacoated (dumplings) (Restricted)
dance in your color by vmantics
Through dozens of skies by mecchayabai
still solemn statuary by jjks

Min Yoongi | Suga/Park Jimin

GAME OVER by mintsoda
White Noise by rkatz
Pepsi Cola by BabyLove (sugamins)
Passengers by unclassified_senpai
it may be a dream (but i am yours) by sirradel
Magic Appa Love Scone by embryonicgrip
Caution! Fragile. (Handle With Care) by SanduniM
Carrion by miniimin
screenshots of youth by florations
Bon Voyage by rosiex
will you stay the night? by themelonlord
Pretty Little Baby Boy by BabyLove (sugamins)
please don’t fall by existentialgleeking
Stars in Full Bloom by dokidokiharahara (anewkindofthrill)
The Red Light Sector (All Dressed-Up) by littleheichou
at the touch of death by aprofessorstale
The Boy in the Music Box by MissterMaia
85 Days of Summer by yururin
Blueberry Muffins by yoonminaufest
Love in the Sky by jonghyunslisterine
home is the sea reflected in your eyes by anyadisee
cornerstone by piinkbambii
we’re building towers high enough to see the clouds by chimint
moon, 9:57 p.m. by rabbitme
i love you for your sturdy arms by TAHC (orphan_account)
my heart, your heart by noveltaes (cosmiclarents)
I can see You by skylightgalaxy
bitchin’ witchin’ by spookysuga (sugamins)
Give it to me Slow (Then Wash Away) by Sharleena
Shine Forever by TheOrgasmicSeke
Lead Me Home by Anathemea
its all waves by spookysuga (sugamins)
blood, sweat, and shears by noveltaes (cosmiclarents)
When The Planets Align by lmao_dead_acc_bye_yall
handwritten in ink by conclusions (introductions)
Do You Want Some? by HereIGoAgain
call me a safe bet (im betting im not) by piinkbambii
Get into My Car, Get into My Life by snowfallen
oh i’m tryin’ i’m tryin’ (not to think about you) by HereIGoAgain
Hold Me Tight, or Don’t by snowfallen
Settle Down With Me, and I Will Be Your Safety by unclassified_senpai
It’s The Most Wonderful Time (Of The Year) by awjiminie
In a Field of Flowers (I’m an Admirer) by fluffyns
Every Time (It’s You) by Anathemea
What’s This? by wildfl0w3r

Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin

Constraint by Harlot
I rewind (baby come back to my world) by minsyubs (featherlightice)
Can You Give Me My Breath Back by DeadpanSnarker
Ocean Eyes by Yanyiu
Prey on Me by PinkBTS
E[Love] by yuuami
a touch of sin by pettey
Retrograde by Shealezz
dragon in a flower garden by namakemono
your little moon face, shining bright at me by cygnus (sunsprite)
Lest We Burn-Out, Unkindled by DeadpanSnarker
Swimming; Complex. by jeonify
Start of Time by Fleurete
Be My First, Be My Last by PinkBTS
wish i may, wish i might by fatal (cumrich)
river between the stars by namakemono
Things Half Done (Things Half Said) by gloomy
the last snowfall by cygnus (sunsprite)
dark water by baekhyun (baruna)
Babysitter by heyhosam
A second chance by softjungoo
24k Rose Gold Hair by flitter
If You Wanna Go to Heaven (You Should Fuck Me Tonight) by TrappingLightningBugs
honest you do by mnsg
expensive lips by flitter
There is sun and spring and green forever by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)
truth would be a beautiful thing by pjiminie
save me by buttonjimin
nocturnal animals by pettey
Kickoff by psychojimin
Summer on its Deathbed by atechamcham
hey, darlin’, my dream came true by causeitsred
Open Your Heart, I’m Coming Home by DeadpanSnarker
As You Are by jonghyunslisterine
Tastes Like Victory by eumorious
rose-coloured boy by cygnus (sunsprite)
Like The Tide by PinkBTS
Ballad of a Broken Sea by Charmander
city of stars by ascendare
camera obscura by offthebeat
3, 2, 1… Bang (Me) by DeadpanSnarker
we’re not broken just bent by calipha
Mono No Aware by eumorious
you can’t make it nothing by undercoverjikooks
The One with the Winking Teapot by ziontea
Opus Majus by Charmander
you are the ruler of the stars (and my heart) by cygnus (sunsprite)
Baby Bird and Baby G by jiminanna
friday nights (with you) by kstorms
there for you (love is a road that goes both ways) by idazzle
just one hit of you, i knew i’ll never be the same by gothguk

Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung | V

起死回生; To Live Again by mindheist
Sugar and Spice by kkozumes
make this feel like home by aeterisks
Sick Of Losing Soulmates by yikesmontana
Our Lonely Lunar Views by porridgemilk
Speed Demon by lethallergic
i don’t want you to go (but i want you so) by kthsv
scam romance by orphan_account
The Bucket List by TwentyThreeThirteen
Hide and Seek by jeontime
The Geographical Cure by atechamcham
Freesia by mintsoda
lost in the desert (you’re my oasis) by jhopeg
Veni, Vidi, Amavi by yourluckytae
In the Rough by alkaemie
If You Love Me, Let Me Go by buttstrife
Calla Lilies by merelypretty
Ghost Story by mindheist
when i’m ready (i will fly us out of here) by cherryjjk
All the Years of Us by TrappingLightningBugs
Reborn in Water by TrappingLightningBugs
So Collapse, Fall. by Curionenene
Fifty-Two by jvante
then, now, us by tokkimeki
And, Home (Will Feel Like Home Again) by mindheist
I love you everyday (don’t get away) by taeggukswitch (rooxynroll)
Bubblegum Bitch by snowmoney
Body Ache by lethallergic
In Every Parallel Universe (I’ll Keep on Loving You) by rimacchi
À la carte by meanho
Candent Skin by TwentyThreeThirteen
poppy seeds by Batman
my guy pretty like a girl (and he got fight stories to tell) by hunnydews (hunnydew)
Our Velocity by Ghoulie_cruz
loving easy by aeterisks
I’d flex, but I like this shirt by RNA
Even If I Die, It’s You by captainheyturnitup
Boy By the Sea by Amlika
Burnouts, Booze, and Babes by jvante
Spine Breaker by metastacia
Love Scarred by gjungkook
that thing you did, do it again by RNA f
Then there’s the landing by Sharleena
tenacious d in the dick of destiny by jhopeg
Invisible People by mindheist
My Love Loves Me by Elucubrations
Cage Match by golden (SlimeQueen)
Hey Baby, Is Your Latin Name ‘Pterophyllum?’ Because You Look Like an Angel(fish) to Me. by littleheichou
Suspenders, Daddy Issues & Miracles of Halloween by chimscharli
maybe i’m fine with being by myself by misanthrpic
Love, I have Wounds by Sharleena
beta/theta by lumier (streya)
Don’t worry, love by taeggukswitch (rooxynroll)
As Blue as the Ocean, as Old as the Song by TwentyThreeThirteen
Neu Roses by merelypretty
to wish for one thing in this humble life by chaoticmusings
nighttime daydreams by veridiae