BTS Content Index

This was created to help ARMYs around the globe find BTS content easily, and to eventually host foreign translations as well. Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate BTS’ various eras~

Some notes:

– The MAMAMOO Trans Index was used as a template, but has been heavily customised.

– If you would like to add your language’s translations, contact us on or twitter.

– If you want to watch all of the Bangtan Bombs in order, I suggest Bangtan Subs’ playlist.

– For ease of searching, all member names are written as RAPMON, JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, JIMIN, TAE, JK

– The original google sheets document is here, where you can search easier.

Read the Directory for more information.

– If you are part of another fandom and would like to make your own index, you are completely welcome to make a copy of the google sheets document and work off that, however please give credit and link to both us and the Mamamoo Trans Index.

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